Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 11

Just ask

An old man stares at his pocket watch
tick tocking away
ticking the hours, tocking the days
of a life that once was

Just ask him, and he'll tell you
crunchy tin memories
of hamburgers at ol' Johnny B's.
Hot summer days; swing dancing at night

Just ask him and he'll tell you
soft mulchy memories
of camping in the woods
He got lost and had hidden from a bear.

Just ask him and he'll tell you
fragile laced memories
Of first love in the library
She got mad when he tried to give a discount

Just ask and he'll tell you
gritty wet memories
of being drafted to war
the shots and screams going into the night

If you just ask him, he'll tell you
His life stories
everything that makes him who he is.
The laughs, the pain, the loves, the lost
If only there was someone to say it to.
Just ask and he'll tell you.

Written for those amazing people who are ignored by the rest of the world; The elderly.
Next week: The rest of astronomy homework (I'm finished, but needs editing) and a new epic tale called The Forest of Forgotten Youth. It's long. :3


  1. Hmmm, definitely different then the rest of your work. A nice slow poem.
    Great work. :-)
    [And I look forward to the rest of astronomy homework.]

  2. Interesting how the 4th line of the 3rd and 4th stanzas have a twist that makes them contradict the thoughts put in place by the previous two lines. Enjoyable read that makes me wish that my grandfather hadn't been so disagreeable so I could actually hear some good stories...

  3. It's creepy how this poem related to my day today...Love!