Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 8

Black Widow

The story starts in cheery youth;
a young lad finds his love:
a quiet girl with raven hair
with strange interests thereof
watching spiders spin their webs
and wrapping up their prey
a synonym for life, she says,
painting clouds of grey.
Her gentle face and shaded mind
he found quite captivating
So forward did he ask her hand
under her window, waiting.
His dedication startling,
with feelings raw and true
the brooding girl accepted
to a wedding from the blue
But beneath the good intentions
a secret she did hide;
a family constitution
where a monster lay inside.
The night after the marriage,
their love exchanged so sweet
the bride committed murder
His body she did eat.
Her nature had come forth,
with the killing of her mate
it was the spider's curse
of a much horrendous fate
Away in her webbed tower
young daughter by her side,
The Black Widow sits lonely
love lost beyond the tide.


  1. Mmmmm, I loved it. It brings you into it so subtly an then BAM! Dead husband. :-)
    I like the lay out and the pace it seems to have to it.
    [And the drawing is adorable. The knit spider web is a great touch.]

  2. Brilliant as always! I love this! XD

  3. Supremely creepy. I love how the rhythm even feels creepy. Love it! =)