Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 5


Come one, come all, and you will see
the carousel of death
to ride; to laugh; go up and down;
to steal away your breath
A merry way to die, you see,
upon your grinning steed
a skeleton of gleaming white
with only you to lead.
The music will entrance you
with the gentle laughing sound
of others riding with you
moving round and round
Forget illness and growing age
the unfairness of fate
upon the moving horses
and to the golden gate
Death is adventure we all face
so do it with a smile
and ride the carousel of death
to make your trip worthwhile.



  1. lol.
    That's interesting. I liked the imagery, I can see it in my head.
    Nice work.

  2. I'm never getting on that ride. O m O;

    I loved this poem though! XD

  3. Very morbid. The tempo feels perfect for a carousel, which is ironic concerning the happy feelings I normally have with one haha.